Your custom CRM, anyway you want.

Ditch one-size-fits-all software and cumbersome spreadsheets for a customizable solution that meets your team’s exact needs - whether its for lead management, customer management, customer support, or any other use case that you can imagine.

What is Kintone?

Kintone is a cloud-based platform that brings your team’s data, communication and workflow together into a single, easy-to-manage workspace. Finally say goodbye to spreadsheets, paper, and email inefficiencies. Kintone’s intuitive user-friendly interface means anyone can create custom task applications to optimize teamwork - no programming skills required!

Three Factors to Consider
When Choosing Your CRM









Adopting multiple new software for your team and business typically has high initial costs and takes months before its implemented.

Customizing your software & tools to better meet your needs also requires often requires the help of a technical expert which ends up costing even more time and money than you bargained for.

Low Cost, High Performance, Fast Implementation

Kintone has tons of functions and capabilities to maximize your team's workflow, on top of other business applications you can create or download for any department in any situation at no additional cost. And what's more, your team can even get started in just a matter of days instead of months!

Monthly fees

30 MYR

and up/user

Minimum 5 users
Price is exclusive of tax

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Pricing is different depending on your plan: 30 MYR for the Lite plan and 60 MYR for the Standard plan. Please click here for more details.



Some software have too many complicated features that nobody wants to use.

No teams are exactly alike, which means that complex software designed by another team other than your own is bound to not meet your team's unique needs. As a result, you end up stuck with irrelevant features and complicated workflows that just slow you down. Good tools should adapt to their users, not the other way around.

Empower your team to design their own tools
that optimize workflow.

Users want software that makes sense. That's why Kintone comes with ready-made tools that can also be adapted to your specific needs - all with no programming required. With Kintone, you can enable anyone on your team to quickly and accurately make workflow improvements; gone are the days going back and forth with an IT expert to get your request fulfilled just the way you want it.



Avoid information chaos

Studies show that about 30% of the average worker's workday is spent searching and gathering information. For your teams, managing and sharing the latest customer data in multiple places like spreadsheets, emails, and other dabatases leads to a lot of confusion, stress, and wasted time.

Unify your data into a single platform to
maximize team communication and efficiency.

Kintone acts as a digital workplace that centralizes all your team's relevant data in a simple and organized space. Kintone also has task workflow automation, notifications, and inuitive comment/chat capabilities that ensure all stakholders are always kept up to date with the latest situation on an account or project.

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